We're happy to work with many different hardware and software technologies, and we work hard to keep ahead of new developments. A few technologies we particularly like include:

Microsoft Servers

If you have more than a few PCs, a server is likely to be a good move for you. Microsoft Server 2008 Foundation Edition is a new and competitiely priced product which is ideal for small businesses. Microsoft Small Business Server is the next step up, and is the mainstay of small businesses around the country. If you're running Small Business Server 2003, the 2008 edition offers some attractive extras.


See servers and storage for more information.


MDaemon Mail server

The MDaemon mail server is an ideal solution for businesses that wish to run their own email. It's a package which is very easy to manage, highly scalable, and highly competitively priced.

Carbonite and Gigasoft Backup

Carbonite and Gigasoft are two excellent offsite backup services. They securely store a copy of your important data files away from your office, taking daily copies over the internet in a highly secure and efficient way. Carbonite is our preferred solution for sole traders and very small offices, whereas Gigasoft is more appropriate for slightly larger companies.

VMware vSphere 4

Virtualisation has been a buzzword in the IT industry for a couple of years now. VMWare's vSphere can improve the reliability and manageability of your IT system while reducing overall cost. If you haven't at least explored VMWare's free Server edition, it too could save you time and money. We have several years' experience using this new technology in small and medium-sized businesses and are happy to discuss how it can help your IT to become more productive and less costly.

Other technologies

We're also big fans of

  • Remote PC - this software based solution is the easiest way to access your office PC from home
  • AVG anti-virus - particularly the free linkscanner - essential whichever anti-virus product you have
  • O3 Spaces - a document management system which offers much that Microsoft Sharepoint offers, but often at lower cost and with easier management. We have experience installing O3Spaces on Windows Server Foundation edition, if that's what you're looking for...
  • Smoothwall Network Guardian - an excellent system for filtering and monitoring internet access, either to prevent misuse, or as an additional anti-virus measure
  • Google Web Apps - often perfect for situations where you have people working from home