Key person reassurance

Please note this is not an insurance policy.


Are you concerned that all your business IT is in the hands of one or two people? What would happen if your IT manager left, or were off work for some time?

Let us provide two-fold reassurance for that scenario.


What we do

  • An engineer visits your company, and gathers information on your IT setup.
    By talking to your IT manager, and exploring your network, our engineer gains an in depth knowledge of your IT infrastructure. Because the engineer and your IT manager can both speak the same (technical) language, the engineer can gather lots of information in a short time.
  • The engineer then writes up his visit, providing you with basic documentation of your infrastructure, which can be kept for future use.
  • If you're happy, we also keep (securely) a copy of the document.
  • Now, not only do you have technical documentation, you also have the additional safeguard that somebody else (our engineer) knows your network setup intimately, and could step in at short notice either to tide you over in an emergency, or to ensure a smooth handover to a new employee.

Please note: we do not include passwords and security sensitive information in this documentation. Such information should be kept in your company safe.