Mailmerge from Google docs into Gmail

If you have a Gmail account (or a Google apps email account), did you know that you can mailmerge emails, so each recipient receives a personalised email?


We've created a Google document to make it easy. Here's how:


  1. Make sure you're logged in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click here to create a copy of our template document.
    (If that link gives an error, click here to open the document, and then from the File menu, choose 'Make a copy')
  3. Work through the instructions provided in the spreadsheet.
  4. From the Mail Merge menu, click Test Mail Merge, to see that it's all working.
  5. When you've checked it, click Run Mail Merge (on the Mail Merge menu). You're done!


If the instructions need improving, feel free to email


Please note that experience shows that trying to email more than about 100 people in one mailmerge is likely to cause problems. This is due to Google's measures to prevent spam, not a result of our script. If you are sending to more than 100 people, we suggest sending in several batches, 100 at a time, a few minutes apart. Google also impose also a daily limit of approximately 500 emails in total per day. We have recently updated the script to indicate which emails have been sent successfully, and any that have not.


The spreadsheet and accompanying script are provided free for your use, and without any warranty. We will endeavour to offer help, but (since it's free) cannot promise to do so quickly.


Adding attachments

To add an attachment:

  1. upload the document to Google Docs
  2. open the document
  3. make a note of the Document ID. You can find this by looking in the address bar of the document, where you'll find a long series of apparently random characters. You want the bit after the = and before the &. See below for an example - the section highlighted in yellow is the section you want.